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At SeniorNet Warkworth Inc. we offer a series of courses and talks aimed at getting older people to a high standard of self-confidence, and competence in the use of their home computer, tablet, or smartphone.  We aim to give you knowledge of the principles so that you will want to learn more, and in turn, possibly to share it with us.  So, the programs we use are usually the most popular commonly available - see the Courses available page.

There are no age or any other limits to becoming a member.  We cater for all levels of ability, the fit and the not so fit, and those who need wheelchair access.  Whether you have a desktop or laptop computer, PC or Mac, tablet or smartphone, all are welcome.

We tutor most courses with one tutor to two students.  In workshops we use a large TVIMG_2049 screen so students can easily see what the presenter is discussing, and the group is usually small enough to allow questions and exchanges of experience and ideas.

The workshop presenters, and volunteer tutors offer their services free, their only reward being to see others in their peer group advancing in this relatively new and potentially complex environment.

Our 'Membership Year' is January to December, and we have 5 Terms, each of 8 weeks - see Timetable page.  In turn, these are further divided into two halves as many courses are only 4 weeks.   Some courses can be taken in 2-hour modules provided that you have the appropriate basic computer skills.  So consider this option if you have missed an earlier lesson or wish to revise.

There are no exams and we want you to enjoy the experience of making mistakes and learning among others in a similar situation.  Manuals, disks, or talk notes usually accompany each lesson or course and make valuable reference material when at home.

If you want to signify your interest in a course, please phone our Course Coordinator on Ph. (09) 422 3728 during business hours and leave a message, if unattended.  We will note your details for the next vacancy, and if you are new to SeniorNet, will forward you a Membership Application Form for your completion and prompt return.  Membership is a requirement before applying for courses or attending workshops

A popular feature is our Friday Help sessions where we offer technical help on a wide range of computer related issues.

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Prices are the same, but book your travel accommodation through this portal and 2% of all your spend goes to the Federation of New Zealand SeniorNet Societies, and this will eventually benefit SeniorNet Warkworth.  

Your friends and rellies can use this as well.

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