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             Courses available in 2014      

 Mac Owners E-Letter For a fuller description of courses click here
  • Getting started with a PC or a Mac.  Starting with how to turn it on to how to look after it.
  • Word processing based on Microsoft Word versions 2003/2002, 2007, 2010, 2013 (for PC), & 2008, 2011 (for Mac)
  • Organising your computer.  How to organise files and folders
  • 2 hour modules and workshops on many and varied subjects mostly related to electronic hardware and software.
  • Longer courses to study subjects in more depth - 2hours to 8 week courses on a variety of subjects - Word processing, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, photo editing, drawing and publishing, etc

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    For a fuller description of courses click here

  • Each week during the academic year members are sent an email informing them of the upcoming workshops and modules.  If there are last minute changes this is where you will find the latest information.  Keep an eye on the eLetter webpage as the same information is there as well.          


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