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  Mac teaching          




You must be a financial member of SeniorNet Warkworth to attend these courses. Wear your badge. Your badge indicates to us whether you are financial.

Mac workshops Thursday morning 9.30am to 11.30am


Term 5 for Mac users commences on Monday 13th October there being 8 weeks in a Term.


 For general information on Macs the contacts are:

Mel Woodley - melwoodley@gmail.com - Ph. 09-422 2605


Les Sharman - mahita@kiwilink.co.nz - Ph. 09-427 8991

Bookings must be made through Mel Woodley (melwoodley@gmail.com) or Judy Wane (Course Co-ordinator) at (09) 422 3728.

Cost is $5 per session. 

If you don't know, count on it - others don't know either!

Your day will be made if you learn one fact you did not know before.

See you there.