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Note:  The PDF (Portable Document Format)  file type was chosen as it will open on any computer running any version of Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. However a free reader is needed on your computer. 

Adobe Reader is no longer available on your Training Disk as it takes up a lot of room on the disk, and has functions which you will never use.  It is frequently on disks which come with computer magazines.  It can also be downloaded from the Adobe web site by left clicking on the icon below, however it is a large file (26 MB) and with a dialup connection will take a long time to download. 


A much smaller (3.6 MB) and faster PDF reader is Foxit Reader.   This can be installed from your training disk, or from this website      

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Term 5 2011 Newsletter Term 5 2011.htm
Term 1 2012 January SeniorNet Warkworth Newsletter
Term 2 2012 March SeniorNet Warkworth Newsletter
Term 3 2012 May SeniorNet Warkworth Newsletter
Term 4 2012 July Newsletter Term 4  2012.htm
Term 5 2012 September Newsletter Spring 2012.pdf